Robert Yoder: Abfall

Photo: Richard Nicol

In April 2003, THREAD for ART produced the first comprehensive book on Seattle visual artist Robert Yoder. The Abfall publication integrates reproductions of the artist’s work with images and text and sheds light on the relationship between Yoder’s work and his interest in architecture, design, and everyday objects.

Designed by THREAD for ART’s Director of Design, Rebecca Richards, this monograph includes twenty-eight color images and essays by Rhonda Howard, Director of Visual Arts at THREAD for ART and Holly A. Getch Clarke, Assistant Professor of Landscape Architecture at Harvard University as well as a limited-edition silkscreen print. Yoder produced 4 separate prints in editions of 250 each.

This book was distributed to artists, curators, critics, the general public, bookstores, museums, galleries and other venues across the U.S.

LAVA 2002: Contemporary Art in Seattle

Photo: R. Richards

The LAVA exhibition arose from a desire to present works by artists living and working in Seattle and the vicinity in a space outside the traditional gallery circuit. The opportunity to operate in such a peripheral realm, encouraged artists to create and exhibit artwork that was more experimental than their usual production.

LAVA served several purposes; the first to provide an exhibition venue for artists who work in non-commercial mediums such as installation, video, and performance; the second to challenge artists to respond specifically to a site specific space; the third to encourage experimentation with new media; the fourth to capture a snapshot of significant artwork.

The publication provided an overview of the 36 participating artists and has become an important resource for local curators. The book is an important historical document, archiving a selection of notable artists currently working in Seattle, and has been a tool for the artists to present their work to curators, critics, dealers, and collectors nationally and internationally.


“Organizations like THREAD [for ART] add edge to the cultural scene and are absolutely essential to the vitality of our city. LAVA in particular had an enormous galvanizing effect on all of us and the catalogue is required reading for all who wish to learn about the new generation of artists who make their homes in Seattle. We need organizations like THREAD [for ART] to keep (artists) here, to provide opportunities to nourish them, especially in the early stages of their careers as they are developing confidence and aesthetic voice.”

– Lisa Corrin, former Deputy Director and Curator of Modern and
Contemporary Art at the Seattle Art Museum






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